// Our brand

// About eFounders

Since 2011 we have launched 28 startups, with more in the works. We build businesses from the ground up to invent the tools of tomorrow and inspire new ways of working. We build the future of work.

// Our founders

It all started in 2011, when two entrepreneurs met to outline a new model of entrepreneurship. The result is eFounders: a pioneering startup studio launching multiple startups each year.

// Thibaud Elzière, co-founder

Founder of Fotolia, a stock photo platform later sold to Adobe, Thibaud likes to tackle all business issues, bringing his product vision and go-to-market strategy to each new startup.

// Quentin Nickmans, co-founder

Quentin is a former top-tier consultant from the Boston Consulting Group and CEO of Eating Desk. His administrative, financial, and legal expertise are the backbone of eFounders’ success.

// Our studio

We partner up with exceptional founders to join us for a 12 month cycle. Based in Paris and Brussels, our team of 15 brings them their operational expertise to build the first version of the product and acquire the first clients.

// Our companies

So far, we’ve launched 28 independent companies, employing more than 1000 people, and generating more than €100M in annual revenue.

// Fleex, eF20

Make work happen from anywhere.

Founders Noémie El-Baz - CEOWilliam Genis - COO Funding N/A

// Collective, eF20

Where the best pools of talent meet ambitious companies.

Founders Jean de Rauglaudre - CEO Funding N/A

// Crew, eF20

The first all-in-one recruitment platform.

Founders Amine Skalli - CEO Mohamed Labouardy - CTO Funding N/A

// Kairn, eF20

Rock your days.

Founders Patricia Bernasconi - CEO Augustin Vignet - CTO Funding N/A

// Canyon, eF20

Turning legal into a business enabler.

Founders Adrien van den Branden - CEO Thomas Vanderstraeten - CTO Funding N/A

// Folk, eF19

Get the most out of your network.

Founders Thibaud Elzière — CEO Jean-Yves Poilleux — CTO Simo Lemhandez — COO Funding N/A

// Cycle, eF19

Let your product shine.

Founders Mehdi Boudoukhane - CEO Funding N/A

// Once, eF19

Boost your e-commerce conversion rates on mobile.

Founders Victor Ferrand - CEO Arthur Bonnecarrere - CTO Funding N/A

// Yousign, eF19

The simpler way of saying yes.

Founders Luc Pallavidino - CEO Antoine Louiset - CTO Funding N/A

// Swan, eF19

Simple banking API.

Founders Nicolas Benady - CEO Nicolas Saison - CPO Mathieu Breton - CTO Funding $5.9M - Creandum, Bpifrance (Seed)

// Bonjour, eF19

Power to sales teams.

Founders Etienne Dargnies - CEO Jonathan Beurel - CTO Funding N/A

// Multis, eF18

The cryptobank for companies.

Founders Thibaut Sahaghian - CEO Funding $2.2M - White Star Capital, Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures (Seed)

// Zenvest, eF18

Club deal management software.

Founders Cyril Bertier - CEO Simon Arvaux - CTO Funding N/A

// Equify, eF18

The cap table management platform.

Founders Alexandre Leger - CEO Funding N/A

// Upflow, eF18

The innovative payment platform for B2B businesses.

Founders Alexandre Louisy - CEO Barnaby Malet - CTO Funding $2.8M - Kima (Seed)

// Briq, eF17

The employee recognition platform.

Founders Charlene Thouard - CEO Jeremie Sicsic - COO Laurent Van Basselaere — CTO Exit Acquired by Swile (2020)

// Slite, eF17

The note app for teams.

Founders Christophe Pasquier — CEO Funding $11M - Spark capital (Series A) $4.4M — Index Ventures (Seed)

// Station, eF17

One app to rule them all.

Founders Julien Berthomier — CEO Alexandre Lachèze — CTO Funding $3.25M — Accel (Seed)

// Spendesk, eF16

One place to manage your company spendings.

Founders Rodolphe Ardant — CEO Guilhem Bellion — CTO Jordane Giuly — CPO Funding $38M - Index Ventures (Series B) $10M — Index Ventures (Series A) $2.2M — Kima Ventures & FundersClub (Seed)

// Forest, eF16

Instant & customizable admin interface.

Founders Sandro Munda — CEO Funding $7M - Notion Capital & Runa Capital (Series A) $3.7M — Connect Ventures & Xavier Niel (Seed)

// Hivy, eF16

Office management made painless.

Founders Pauline Tordeur — CEO Pierre-Alain Loiseau — CTO Funding $700k — Y Combinator and Business Angels Exit Acquired by Managed by Q (2017)

// illustrio, eF16

Editable stock images at your fingertips.

Founders Thibaut Dehem Sébastien d'Ursel Olivier de Marneffe Raphaël de Guisti Funding N/A

// FoxIntelligence, eFS16

Generating the best market intelligence.

Founders Edouard Nattée, CEO Nicolas Remia — CTO Funding $8.7M - Daphni and Partech (Series B) $6M - Global Founders Capital & Daphni (Series A) $1M - Daphni, Partech Ventures & Kima Ventures (Seed)

// Aircall, eF14

Phone support made easy.

Founders Olivier Pailhes — CEO Jonathan Anguelov Xavier Durand Pierre-Baptiste Béchu Funding $65M - DTPC & Adam Street Partners (Series C) $29M — Draper Esprit & NextWorld Capital (Serie B) $8M — Balderton Capital, FundersClub & FJLabs (Serie A) $3.7M — Balderton Capital & FundersClub (Seed) $800k — Business angels (Pre-seed)

// Front, eF14

Shared email for customer driven teams.

Founders Mathilde Collin — CEO Laurent Perrin — CTO Funding $59M - Sequoia & Key SaaS Players (Series C) $66,5M — Sequoia & DFJ (Series B) $10M — Social Capital (Series A) $3.1M — Business angels (Seed)

// Mention, eF13

Never miss a thing online.

Founders Matthieu Vaxelaire — CEO Arnaud Le Blanc — CTO Edouard de la Jonquière Funding $1M — Point Nine Capital & Alven Capital (Seed) Exit Acquired by MyNewsDesk (2018)

// TextMaster, eF11

Your professional, online translation & copywriting service.

Founders Thibault Lougnon — CEO Alexandre Ponsin — CTO Benoit Laurent Funding $5M — Serena Capital (Series B) $1.6M — Alven Capital (Series A) Exit Acquired by Technicis (2018)

// Mailjet, eF11

All-in-one email delivery engine.

Founders Alexis Renard — CEO Wilfried Durand Julien Tartarin Funding $11M — Alven Capital, Iris Capital & Seventure Partners (Serie A) $3.3M — Alven Capital & Business angels (Seed) Exit Acquired by Mailgun (2019)